It’s Christmas Time

Christmas Day is the most awaited holiday in the year. It’s the time of the year that almost everyone is busy searching for the best gift for their loved ones. Since we all know that electronics are some of the most considered presents for the holiday, Dataforge wants to be a part of your list to get your precious gifts.

If you are considering buying a laptop or computer as your presents this Christmas, please let us know and we will be happy to provide you a competitive estimate. We custom build all our new computers to suit your needs, so we need to get your orders in by December 15th for your system to be ready for Christmas delivery.  We provide brand new custom built towers for around $500 for a common home machine.

Another popular option is an upgrade, or cleanup of your existing computer.   We definitely impress a lot of customers with our ability to restore and increase the speed of your system by performing services such as memory upgrades, junk removal, virus detection and cleanup, and many other tools we have at our disposal.  Regularly we hear our customers compliments that their computer is faster after we serviced it than when it was brand new.  Cleaning and upgrading your existing computer is a cost effective way to provide continued technology support to the young and old.

It’s also end of year time, and we are happy to work with your company to provide bids for computer expenditures.  We can work with purchase orders, and have the resources and knowledge to get your new systems in place before year end.

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