One of our customers is a locally owned dry cleaner with multiple locations.  Their Google listings were all messed up.  There are 4 locations in the Wake Forest, NC and Youngsville, NC area.  Only 3 locations were even shown by Google.  The phone number to some of them were switched around, addresses were incorrect as some addresses had been updated from a move, the missing location had its address for one of the other shown locations, one was listed as being in the wrong shopping center, and pictures needed to be added. We’ve just completed our initial update to their listings, now when you search for Heritage Cleaners in the Wake Forest area all of them show up with proper addresses, phone numbers, and pictures.

An example before and after for one of their locations:

Listings show properly in Google Maps now:

Next we tackle Facebook and other sites that have their listings as well.

Does your business need help with Search Engine Optimization listings?  If your listings are wrong, it can cause confusion for your customers.  Let us help you!