No Surcharge

Cash, Check
Cash App $dataforge
Venmo @dataforge

3% Surcharge

Debit and Credit Cards, Tap to Pay, Paypal

7% Surcharge

Afterpay  – Best for purchases around $500 and under and can pay it off within 30 days.  Split your purchase into 4 equal payments over 30 days.  1st payment due at time of checkout, each additional payment due every 2 weeks after. Interest free.  Get the app on your phone called Afterpay to setup.

75$ Surcharge + Interest

Acima Credit – Best for purchases over $500 and can pay it off within 90 days or more.  You can stretch payments out for 1 year!

This is a pre-approval application.  Just fill out the application, and it will tell you the amount you are approved for. You don’t need to specify what exactly you’re buying to apply.  Most of our customers apply, get the approval amount, and then lets go shopping!

Your bank and employment history are used for the application. There is no fee to apply. Acima will give you an instant decision upon the completion of a brief online or mobile application.  If you are approved and decide to use this program, $75 is due at the time of checkout.  This $75 is your first initial rent payment to Acima and is in addition to your invoice amount.

Acima has a 90-Day Purchase option available.  Make extra payments to pay off your balance within 90 days and you’re only charged minimal interest usually $25.

Read more details about the program here:

Fill out the online application form here: Apply Now