Repair Services

We repair all sorts of computer and electronic devices

At our workshop here in downtown Henderson, we repair computers, laptops, phones, and tablets most often.

We also might can repair your other items as well, it depends if we can find parts for the item and if its something we feel we could repair.

People will just bring us stuff, sometimes fairly odd stuff, and ask if we can do something with it.  Examples of some odd items we’ve repaired for people are karaoke machines, neon lights, circuit boards for commercial freezers, and vehicle compoents.

We can solder wires together with our soldering station.  If it requires microsoldering then that’s usually not something we’d tackle, but if the tech feels comfortable, they might.

Please give us a call and speak with our technician and explain what you have and they can let you know if its something they’d look at.

Some items that we do not repair:  Monitors and TV’s.  TV’s are difficult to physcilly move, and difficult for us to get parts for.  If you have a cracked monitor or TV then we can not get just a panel for it, and it is a very difficult job to replace.  You’re best to try a shop dedicated to TV repairs.  We try to stock a selection of monitors to repalce your broken monitor with for reasonable pricing.

We do hook up TV’s in your house, we can connect your streaming device, your stereo system, hook it to your internet.  But if something is wrong with the TV itself that’s not what we would work on.

We’d rather not work on your printer.  If the printer itself has an issue it’s usually not worth paying someone to repair it.  Printers are fairly inexpensive now.  A shop dedicted to printer repairs that do that all day may have more success in obtaining parts and doing the labor.  However, if the issue is the printer is not connecting to your computer, or you your network, something like that then we can look at that issue as its more likely a configuration problem on your computer or network.

Our Services

Based in historic downtown Henderson, NC since 2010, Dataforge covers the region with professional services for home, business, government and non-profits.

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