HP Pavilion p7-1380t, i5-3330 3.0ghz, 8gb RAM, 240gb SSD, a7f22av, 2md332057l

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Introducing the HP Pavilion p7-1380t with a powerful Intel i5-3330 clocking at 3.0ghz – a processing powerhouse that ensures smooth multitasking and a significant boost in overall computer speed. This specific CPU is best for tasks that need plenty of computing power such as graphic design, software development, or professional video editing.

The machine comes packed with 8GB of RAM, providing a seamless experience regardless of the number of programs or tabs you have open. Fast browsing, snappy performance, and the ability to handle games with reasonable graphic requirements are a few examples of what this feature can handle comfortably.

A 240GB Solid State Drive (SSD) ensures expedient boot times and quick file access. SSD’s have a faster read-write speed compared with traditional hard drives – making this perfect for data processing or when loading larger applications.

An embedded CD/DVD drive makes the system backward compatible. You can use this to install older software or just for watching an old favorite movie or TV show on DVD.

Connectivity is a great selling point for the HP Pavilion. It features dual DVI output for seamless multi-monitor setups, perfect for graphic designers or anyone who values a larger workspace. Also, it has four rear USB ports, which can be useful for connecting peripheral devices like printers, scanners, and external hard drives.

One caveat is that the front USB is non-functional. However, the availability of multiple rear USB ports should comfortably accommodate most of your connectivity needs.

The system carries a Windows 10 Home operating system – familiar, user-friendly,and perfect for home users. It also comes pre-loaded with LibreOffice, for crafting documents, building spreadsheets, or creating presentations without needing to invest in additional software.

As a testament to our confidence in this product’s quality and longevity, it comes with a 90-day warranty.

The product’s identification is a7f22av#aba, and it carries the serial number 2md332057l. The mainboard identification is H2M46AA, 3CR2190V1J.

Consider the HP Pavilion p7-1380t for a reliable, performance-oriented, and feature-rich computing experience.

Intel i5-3330 3.0ghz

8gb RAM

240gb SSD

CD / DVD Drive

2x DVI Output

4 Rear USB

Front USB non-functional

Windows 10 Home

LibreOffice for Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Presentations

90 Day Warranty





Mainboard is H2M46AA, 3CR2190V1J

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