HP EliteDesk 800 G2 SFF i5-6500, 8gb RAM, 256gb SSD L1G76AV 2UA6242M10

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Introducing the HP EliteDesk 800 G2 SFF: a reliable, performance-driven desktop powered by an Intel i5-6500 3.2ghz processor. This compact yet powerful system comes with 8gb RAM, offering an impressive processing speed that ensures tasks are completed efficiently and smoothly. Multitasking becomes a breeze with this unit, whether you’re working on data-intensive tasks, streaming content, or navigating through multiple applications simultaneously.

The HP EliteDesk doesn’t compromise on storage with a 256gb Solid-State Drive (SSD). Benefit from rapid boot-up times, speedy application access, and a quieter operation compared to traditional hard drives. This ample space will serve you well for storing your files, documents and multimedia.

A standout feature of this model L1G76AV is its CD / DVD Drive. This feature adds versatility, allowing you to play or record on CDs and DVDs. An added advantage for those who prefer a physical backup or simply enjoy building a library of music and movies.

The system comes pre-installed with Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, offering you a user-friendly interface and seamless navigation with various productivity-enhancing features. For extra efficiency and convenience, it also includes LibreOffice, which provides a complete range of office software. From word processing to creating spreadsheets and engaging presentations, everything your professional needs demand are catered to.

Your purchase comes with an assurance of a 90-day warranty, emphasizing our belief in the quality and enduring performance of this product. Trust in the longevity of the HP EliteDesk 800 G2 with its robust build and the reliability of its Serial 2UA6242M10.

Whether for home use or small businesses, this device is sure to cater to your computing requirements with its advanced features and reliable performance. The HP EliteDesk 800 G2 SFF is an investment that assures productivity, efficiency, and value.

Intel i5-6500 3.2ghz

8gb RAM

256gb SSD

CD / DVD Drive

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

LibreOffice (Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Presentations)

90 Day Warranty

Model L1G76AV Serial 2UA6242M10

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Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 in

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