HP ProBook 640 G2, i5-6200, 8gb RAM, 500gb SSD, 14 inch, W4R36UC 5CG62573CV

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Presenting the incredibly reliable HP Probook 640 G2, Model W4R36UC (Serial 5CG62573CV) that’s been assembled with high-quality components to ensure robust performance and prolonged lifespan. Ideal for the modern professional or avid multitasker, this laptop provides a seamless computing experience.

At the heart of this laptop, you’ll find an Intel i5-6200 processor, clocking at a remarkable speed of 2.3ghz. From lightweight browsing to robust multi-tasking and creative work, the efficient processor comfortably handles a multitude of tasks flawlessly.

The provided 8GB RAM efficiently supports sleek multi-tasking and smooth system performance. It allows you to run multiple applications simultaneously and switch between tasks seamlessly, increasing your productivity, and making it the optimal choice for business enthusiasts or students looking for the competitive edge.

With an impressive 500GB of SSD storage, you get rapid boot-up times, quick application launches, and ample room for all your documents, photos, and media files. SSDs are renowned for their ruggedness, increasing the overall lifespan of the laptop as well.

Equipped with a CD/DVD Drive, Microsoft Windows 10 Home, and an AC Adapter, the laptop offers a diverse and accessible platform for all your software and multimedia needs, maintaining simplicity at its core.

This laptop features a generous 14-inch screen, making it easy to multi-task with side-by-side windows, watch high-definition videos, or enjoy games. The compact size also makes it a perfect travel companion, ensuring you stay productive and entertained on the go.

The laptop comes with LibreOffice pre-installed, offering a robust word processor, spreadsheet software, and presentations toolset without any additional cost. It’s an invaluable toolkit for students, professionals, and anyone needing a reliable and feature-rich productivity suite.

Connectivity options include a DisplayPort, enabling you to hook up an external monitor for an extended workspace or presentations.

This Probook 640 G2 has been updated with a new SSD and a new battery, promising long-lasting battery life and solid performance. Along with a 90-day warranty, it delivers the trust and peace of mind that you’d expect from a reputable brand like HP.

All in all, the HP Probook 640 G2 is a balanced amalgamation of performance, functionality, and longevity, making it an excellent choice for both professional and personal use. Upgrade to this reliable laptop today!

Intel i5-6200 2.3ghz
8gb RAM
500gb SSD
CD / DVD Drive
14 inch Screen
1x DisplayPort
LibreOffice (Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Presentations)
Microsoft Windows 10 Home
AC Adapter
90 Day Warranty
Has new SSD and new battery.
Model W4R36UC Serial 5CG62573CV

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