Dataforge offers computer services for both home and business set up. Our services include:

  • Virus and spy ware removals –  Virus and spy wares slow down your system, hack your personal information, and worse it can crush your system. We can help you remove and eliminate viruses and spy wares that can affect your computer performances. We will also help you install or upgrade any existing anti virus software you have.
  • PC repairs and general troubleshooting – Slow computers, booting up problem, blue screen, error message in start up, can’t connect online, email configuration and outlook problems, COMPUTER crashes and more. Our well trained technicians will give you the best solution and answer to your computer problem.
  • PC optimization – We can help you optimize your PC through disk clean up, increasing virtual memory and disk defrag. We also do PC tune ups.
  • Windows format and re -installation of programs – We will help you format and reinstall your windows and it’s program if necessary. We can also help you install or uninstall software programs in your computer.
  • Data back up and recovery – We can help you in recovering files by backing up your data if in cases that your computer operating systems was been corrupted.
  • Software and hardware upgrades – We can help you in any software or hardware upgrades that your computer needs.
  • Network support – Example services include Microsoft Windows Server setup and maintenance, connecting a new workstation to your network, router level anti-virus and spam filtering.
  • Internet – We can help you setting up your new internet.  We also do website hosting and designing services.