We had the opportunity and pleasure of filming and producing a video at the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh, NC. Hosted by Chamber Music Raleigh this video features Dr. Jonathan Kramer, of NCSU and Duke University discussing Multiculturalism in the World of Chamber Music. Of particular note I want to point out that is not obvious by the description are live music performances by 3 different bands, the first is Vadya Vrindhan featuring traditional Indian instruments Vina, Mridanga and Kanjira, along with Violin. The second band is Synergy Trio featuring Cello, Piano and Violin. And the third performance is by Diali Cissokho & Kaira Ba, featuring the African instrument Kora, along with Bass, Drums, Guitar, and Percussion. The full performance is now available for free on our Youtube.

This video also received social media publication from the The North Carolina Music Educators Association

and retweeted by the North Carolina Museum of Art

This particular video was challenging for us as we usually do not provide the microphones for the main content. We have some mics we use for audience, and backup, but we typically receive audio from the venue’s audio feed, although we do provide the recorders.  However, in the case of “Chamber Music” the performers are typically not miced and not run though the venue PA.  We purchased some extra microphones for this purpose and tried to strategically place all our mics around the room to pick up the bands that would set up in 3 different areas on the stage. Some of the bands instruments had their own mic and amplifier for the quieter instruments, but we still did not have access to that audio.  Combining our various mics and audio editing in post production including some hefty eq and noise reduction I think we were able to do a decent job of capturing this on our amateur budget.  Some behind the scene photos: