Like in any other service-based industry, a few folks in the Henderson/services sector, computer repair, would prey on the uninitiated. We have worked in the computer repair industry for over forty years, during which we have observed numerous frauds and the devastation they cause.

5 Computer Repair Scams To Avoid

The following are some of the more typical computer system repair scams that you should avoid.

Scam 1

They have another PC they can sell you for a low price, but the system is a total loss and cannot be restored. Here, the telltale sign is if the “tech” or store offers to “recycle” or accept your old computer system as a trade-in.

Your system is in perfect working order. The “tech” fixes whatever minor issue your computer had before selling it to the next person he conned. He then sells you a system he obtained. 

Scam 2

Stolen components were replaced with inferior parts. They will remove your expensive details and swap them out with inferior components. After that, sell your “better” parts to a different person.

Before releasing your system to be worked on, request an inventory of all the components with serial numbers to avoid falling for this con. Also, let the “tech” know that if any broken parts need to be replaced, you want them all back. This will let the tech know you’ll pay great attention to their work.

Take your system elsewhere if they only inventory it or return parts.

Scam 3

Unlicensed software The “tech” may offer you a “copy” of the program you require because individuals frequently lose their software CDs and install disks. Most of the time, these are being offered as illegal copies, which hurts you because you won’t get assistance from the software manufacturer, you won’t be able to get many security updates, and you won’t be able to take advantage of discounts for the next software versions. Additionally, many unlicensed software copies are contaminated with malware like spyware and viruses.

You’re left holding the bag as the “tech” reaps large profits from software he never purchased.

Make sure you get a legal copy of the software, including CDs, paper licensing information, and product keys if you are told you need them. If you need to download software for your computer, ask for a copy of all the registration details and double-check that the licenses are in your name, not the store’s or the technicians’.

Scam 4

System Cleanups. This is a typical con involving low-cost proposals from cheap “techs.” As many computer issues are caused by software.

Learning to detect and fix numerous issues with software takes time, expertise, and experience. The “tech” in this situation never even considers fixing your problems, which is the swindle.

Just a hard drive reformat and a fresh installation of Windows.

(often using unlicensed software).

Then you’re informed that the only option to fix your system is to replace all your corrupted data. The fact that the “tech” only needs to learn to perform two things makes this fraud widespread.

  1. Install windows first.
  2. Accept your payment.

You may not have any legal software on your computer, which hurts you, and may have lost all of your data. Additionally, because the software for devices like printers, scanners, and other devices has been deleted, they will no longer function.

Since “techs” who advertise that they are the “cheapest around” rely heavily on volume, this con is highly well-liked among them. Every day, they wipe/format as many systems as they can. Even if their prices are low, they can still make a lot of quick money because they are not “spending” their time attempting to find a problem.

By demanding a call with an estimate before any repairs are made and telling the “professional” they cannot format your drive without your consent, you may avoid falling for this con. It’s funny how many “Techs” refuse to work on your repair for whatever reason after being informed of this.

This scam’s “refresher repairs” division.

Here, the “tech” asserts that he has all the necessary software to “refresh” your machine to its original/factory state. This is just another way of saying “system wipe,” Most of the time, they use stolen or hijacked software.

Scam 5

Could you work for nothing all day long? No?? Are you certain?

This con is quite straightforward. Once you start moving your computer around town, you won’t want to pick it up and will need to find a different person to fix it. Therefore, the “tech” typically receives payment. And because your system or repair is special in some way, it costs more than their low rate.

Most “flat rate” estimates are calculated based on what a technician would have charged per hour for the identical work; therefore, if your repair takes less time than anticipated, you are still obligated to pay the amount quoted.

You will typically pay a real professional less than many “cheap techs” ultimately charge you. Whatever you pay for, you get. Remember that at all times.


Many computer hobbyists get in and try to start a computer repair business when the economy is terrible. While nothing is wrong with beginning a new business, many do so without the necessary real-world computer system repair knowledge to enter any house or office and perform any repairs.

At Dataforge, we are committed to offering our clients repair services of the highest caliber. We take great care to ensure our customers can access and rely on our services. You can bring your broken gadget to our computer repair in Henderson and watch as we fix it!

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